“The Two-­Week Notice is your guide to unapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life.” –Lisa Nichols, Best-Selling Author of Abundance Now

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"The MUST-READ Guide for All Young Entrepreneurs..."

The #1 Best-Selling Manifesto:

The Two-Week Notice

How to Discover Your Passion, Quit Your Job + Impact Our World

Taking control of your dreams is more doable than ever before. This book will guide you through the fundamental steps to creating your entrepreneurial dream by sharing proven tools & powerful strategies to create an inspiring vision for your life & business.

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Lisa Nichols"This is your guide to unapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life"

-Lisa Nichols, Co-­Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

NOTE: This book is full of valuable stories and practical advice on how to take your entrepreneurial standards to the next level. It may cause disruption and lasting impact.

Will This Book Actually Help You With Your Goals,
Or Is It Just A Bunch Of Fluff?

Whether you are currently climbing the corporate ladder, making a break in the entrepreneurial world or a student with big dreams…

Discover a step-­‐by-­‐step resource guide that will help navigate you from where you are now to the life you dream of - of purpose, adventure and service.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How to uncover your passions and deeper purpose in your work
  • How to resign and transition out of your corporate job like a boss
  • How to connect more authentically to hack growth and increase overall authority with your marketplace
  • How to find & secure joint ventures with your entrepreneurial idols
  • How to find your tribe, a network of supportive, like-­minded individuals who will encourage, push and challenge you to be the best version of yourself
  • Much, much more!
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NOTE #2: The powerful & practical ideas and tips in this book have created an abundance of change in our own lives and have been proven to create positive, long-lasting results for others. We love to see our fellow entrepreneurs live the lives they love.

About the Authors – Alex, Andrew & Sulinya

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Why We Wrote This Book

  • 1

    We've noticed that there are a lot of individuals wondering if there's something beyond the 9-5 that they're unfilled at. This is a resource and a growing community to show others that they aren't alone.

  • 2

    A lot of the insight that's shared about entrepreneurship comes from the veterans in the game. Their insight is invaluable, but what about honest, raw and vulnerable stories from people who are just 5 steps ahead of you?

  • 3

    We hold the belief that entrepreneurship is a creative expression of who you are and this story can empower others to embark upon a life of more happiness, joy and freedom.

Stop Procrastinating!  Don’t Just Dream – Do.

If you landed on this page or discovered one of the co-­‐authors’ profiles, it is for a reason. It is because you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a current entrepreneur or a someone with massive dreams. You have been called on and now we challenge you to discover your passions so you can leave a lasting legacy and impact our world for the better.

This guide will inspire you to keep moving forward by increasing your motivation. It will help you think big and gain better insights into the world of entrepreneurship. You will understand what habits and traits lead to success in business. Now you can learn the tools and knowledge you need to successfully take the leap. This book will help you find what you need.

We invite you to experience this informative, authentic and vulnerable account of three young entrepreneurs who, as you read this, are working to leave the world a better place. This guide can help you break through fear and open new doors. It is a fun, inspiring read and perfect for young entrepreneurs. Welcome to the Two Week Notice!

Welcome to the Two-Week Notice - Let’s Get Started!

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